I tend to stray away from the topic of religion when it comes to my content & writing. It can be a sensitive conversation to engage in and I never want to come across as the kind of person who preaches blindly without much insight into the lives and circumstances of others. 

However, the concept of Grace has been on my mind for a while lately. One that I finally found comfort in discussing and eventually able to articulate into words. 

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Firstly, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support and truly believed in our vision. As Filmmakers & creators, I think we have a duty to create work that is of substance, work that shines a light on our society, aspects of which we may not exactly be ready to confront. Continue reading



“There’s power in authenticity. Choosing to live your life on your own terms, embracing who you are irrespective of the thoughts & demands of others.”

I once heard one successful black businesswoman describing her self-love journey as something she was holding onto with every fibre of her being. Something that irregardless of her position or achievements in life she knew she could never take for granted, an aspect of her life that she would always have to give time to &  work on daily.  It’s statements like these which really bring home how difficult and almost defiant it is to walk in self-love. Continue reading


“No one likes dark-skinned girls, bruv.”

“This is colourism in its most brazen form: “Them dark skin girls, they ain’t feminine,” says one voice. “I don’t like women with my complexion,” says another. All of the statements in the video are taken from real-life incidents, and their ridiculousness is only dampened by the boldness with which the narrators say them – as if they’re facts, not malicious falsehoods.”

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A little while ago I sat down with Ghanaian artist & my good friend, Sarah Owusu. This was before I went on my blogging hiatus and truth be told I was somewhat hesitant about releasing this due to the time that had passed. However, re-reading it I knew it was a story that I needed to share. We talk about Identity, Heritage, Womanhood, her battle with self-love and how ultimately through her pain she was the was able to find her purpose. This is definitely one of my favourite interviews to date, it’s filled with gems and lessons we can all resonate with.

Enjoy x

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly the best when it comes to taking breaks. I always feel like there’s more that needs to be done, and I’ll often find myself working well past my bedtime trying to satisfy this need to be productive.

I read an article the other day which spoke about our growing obsession with the idea of “being busy” and how we often use our busyness as a measure of how meaningful our lives are. I.e. the busier we perceive ourselves to be the more importance or meaning we were able to assign to our lives. I.was.Triggered.

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I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately. Particularly how our sense of self, the narratives we share about our lives and the company we keep can either deplete or add to our sense of validity as individuals.

When I think back to situations, which if I were presented with now,  I would have handled them differently.  I can almost always trace these back to a time where I felt I didn’t have this genuine sense of self.

The fact is “Validity” a sense that we are worthy and capable of demanding more for our selves and current situations isn’t always God-given. Coming from a place of self-doubt or a perhaps even a history of self-sabotage can make demanding more seem impossible or even unreasonable.

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