I tend to stray away from the topic of religion when it comes to my content & writing. It can be a sensitive conversation to engage in and I never want to come across as the kind of person who preaches blindly without much insight into the lives and circumstances of others. 

However, the concept of Grace has been on my mind for a while lately. One that I finally found comfort in discussing and eventually able to articulate into words. 

In this digital age its easy to form ideas of what Gods presence in a persons life looks like. We’re consuming information unlike any other time in our history, much of it being the wins and achievements of others. “Grace” can, therefore, take on this very narrow monolithic approach of being. 

Whereby we unconsciously learn to measure our own by the lives and circumstances of others. 

“Disappointments can seem to appear as the absence of Gods grace but at times these setbacks are the foundation for some of our greatest moments.” 

As a Christian, I’m learning to find comfort in life’s phases. To fight the good fight and keep thankful even when circumstances would have me believe otherwise. My conversations with elders constantly remind me that goodness and favour are rarely ever without some hardship and that we all have our battles. Something which as a black woman I’ve often found difficulty with navigating. Growing up in a religious household like many of us have we don’t often get the opportunity to question or curate (spiritual) relationships specific to our own needs. Relationships that can weather the complexity and challenges of adulthood. 

I’m learning that Grace cannot be measured, nor can it be compared. And that much like success it’s up to us to determine what it means to us. 

Disappointments can seem to appear as the absence of Gods grace but at times these setbacks are the foundation for some of our greatest moments. 

So the next time you find yourself comparing your journey to another I urge you to seek out the goodness in your own life. Whether this may be through practising gratitude, investing in better self-love rituals, assessing the quality of your environment or even seeking outside advice through therapy. 

Find out what this process looks like for you and do so unapologetically. 

Love & Light, Chi 

*For any WOC reading this who are interested in seeking access to therapy, I’ve provided a link here to a list of services which specifically support BME communities. 

Links to further tools can be found below

• Therapy for black girls 

• Therapy for black girls the podcast 

• Therapy provisions with religious focuses 

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