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Firstly, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support and truly believed in our vision. As Filmmakers & creators, I think we have a duty to create work that is of substance, work that shines a light on our society, aspects of which we may not exactly be ready to confront. I decided to write about Human Trafficking because this ever-growing epidemic is one that simply isn’t going to go away without each of us acknowledging its presence within our communities. As it stands Modern day slavery (MDS) is the fastest growing criminal industry, generating $150 Billion USD Annually.

During our research, one of the things that stood out to me the most was the concept of complicity, a common theme which seemed to run through many of the case studies and accounts that we came into contact with. A topic which ultimately begs the question of why? Why is there such a disregard for human life and how can we; as a human race move forward to do away with this ideology?

A question perhaps more easily posed than solved, but still deserving of appropriate consideration and an adequate response. While there’s been a lot of discussion regarding the situation in Libya, in which Nigerian Migrants fleeing their home country were captured and faced modern-day slave auctions on Libyan soil. A lot of people are unaware of the growing presence of Nigerian women being trafficked into counties much closer to home, one of which being Italy & the UK.

On March 8th we had the pleasure of presenting the film at Parliament at their official celebration of International Women’s Day. The day was split into three sections; Past, Present & Future all with a focus on celebrating the contributions of Women worldwide whilst shining a light on the issues we’re presently facing. It was an honour to be invited to share the stage with such incredible women whilst showcasing the power of film to help inform & push this movement forward.

When it comes to any issue of this sort I think it’s important to try not to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the problem. But start by asking ourselves what we can do to contribute to the solution? This may be through a number of ways

• Donating your time to volunteer with charities
•Taking part in marches
•Spreading the word on our various social media sites
•Taking the time to research and develop our understanding of these matters

The fact is change needs to happen, the narrative that slavery ended hundreds of years is ago is not only inaccurate but promotes an image of our world that continues to silence the stories and experiences of those entrapped within MDS.

Ultimately, the screening taught me a lot. About myself, my capabilities and the ways in which we can use our platforms. Irrespective of how large or small they may be each of us can use our voices to contribute in some way. To educate, promote our gifts & evoke change within the wider world and our communities.

Visuals  from the screening can be found below




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On the night we screened 3 shorts alongside BTD; ADELE, TRAIL OF HOPE & LISTEN, films which in their own way each shined a light on womanhood and some of the issues we may face. 

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More on the Charities featured and info on how you can get involved can be found at AFRUCA , A21 & FREEFORGOOD

You can follow our film journey on our Insta: BTDFILM | Website: WWW.BTDFILM.COM

Love & Light,

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