“There’s power in authenticity. Choosing to live your life on your own terms, embracing who you are irrespective of the thoughts & demands of others.”

I once heard one successful black businesswoman describing her self-love journey as something she was holding onto with every fibre of her being. Something that irregardless of her position or achievements in life she knew she could never take for granted, an aspect of her life that she would always have to give time to &  work on daily.  It’s statements like these which really bring home how difficult and almost defiant it is to walk in self-love.

As women, we are naturally more self-critical and doubtful in our own abilities. Setting standards for ourselves and embracing ourselves wholeheartedly arent skills we’re often taught to embrace. Something which we’re can materialise itself within our relationships, career prospects and even how we choose to handle the opportunities that come our way.

One of the things I’ve decided to work on and make time for this year is Authenticity. Giving myself the power to live authentically in the way in which I decide is authentic to my own standards. Taking up space and loving ourselves in all ways is a journey I believe truly begins when we begin to let go of the notions of living up to other people’s ideas of who we should be.

Stepping out requires a scarificing old notions and versions of oursleves which may no longer serve us.

Wishing you all a blessed new year,

Love & Light, Chi x

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2 thoughts on “AUTHENTICITY

  1. Thank you for reading Madeline. I’m glad to know it’s something you’re also working on too- it’s definitely a journey and something we’ll get better at with time, and like you said it all begins with us


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