“No one likes dark-skinned girls, bruv.”

“This is colourism in its most brazen form: “Them dark skin girls, they ain’t feminine,” says one voice. “I don’t like women with my complexion,” says another. All of the statements in the video are taken from real-life incidents, and their ridiculousness is only dampened by the boldness with which the narrators say them – as if they’re facts, not malicious falsehoods.”

A couple of months ago I was invited to collaborate with DAZED.COM for a short film discussing the topic of Colourism and its effects within the Black community. While I’ll forever appreciate opportunities like this it saddens me that this is an issue that we as a community are still battling with to this day.

I’ve been aware of the disparities between dark-skinned and lighter skinned women since my early teens. Our treatment, the way we are spoken to/about, the emphasis put on lighter skin as the ideal standard…

A lot of unlearning goes into breaking down these stereotypes, particularly those that are emphasised by members of your own community. All the quotes and statements featured in the film are real, and when I first showed the film to a close Male friend of mine he commented how much he disliked what was being said. The narration to him was harsh and incredibly offensive. However, these are the kinds of comments and behaviours Dark- Skinned women are faced with on a daily basis.

The film provides an insight whilst ending on a positive which goes to show that regardless of the stereotypes we stay shining.

Love & Light, Chi x

Link to full article can be found here

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2 thoughts on “DAZED & CONFUSED

  1. I agree. It is sad that these narratives still exist in 2017. But what is encouraging is to see so many content creators online and elsewhere challenging those age-old beliefs. The more we as young black women put our images and stories forward and show that there is beauty to be seen in all shades, the better.



    1. Thank you for reading Madeline. And thank you so much for your kind words- I’m hoping that projects like this will help push forward these conversations and allow us to move forward as a community. Like you said the more we share our stories the better x


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